Lost the Faith..

​After a long time I was ‘fit’ for an ad’s audition. It was for a pipe, I cannot reveal name of the product. I got the update on Whatsapp and went to the audition studio to see if I’m fit or not. Requirements are for ‘real look farmers’ and the theam was about sanitation. Nowadays sanitation, cashless, and toilets are burning issues in India. No-one thinks to remove casteism from society. People don’t follow constitution in their personal family lives. According to the requirement I was fit and the casting person said me to stay only if I’m a good actor. I stayed there outside the door for hours with others. Then, after 5 o’clock we were allowed to enter and everyone was given few takes only. Some people were sent back without taking audition because their expressions were ‘zero’ thought they looked good. I was second-last in men. I had prepared lines of 35-45 years old man but the casting person asked me to play 25-35years old man. I was given two chances and then I was out. Almost 100 people were outside waiting for casting director to see them.
I came back to Infinity Mall with a friend.
I remember, I had given audition for Amazon App which lasted for five days when the ad was released, it had Amol Palekar with Sunit Das. The same script I was given in audition. Someone asked me ‘when will do this kind of ads?’ I didn’t reply. I had nothing to reply. Whatever I could say in reply would be considered an ‘excuse.’ I do respect of my words an feelings.
I have lost faith in auditions. If you are not shortlisted, your chances are too less. Or you must be believing on Luck! If they choose you, you are selected, without references and if you are ok with their budget, then only you are going to shoot for the project. After that, again run for work..
22:07 Monday 13rd February 2017


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