Cursed Wolf in Cage! 

​You can’t say you want to go out with friends.. your wishes have no value until you are respected. Love is different – people Love you but it’s because they are good in their heart, they are kind to you – you are thankful to them but here is not the end. You want to stay away far from family and people but you can’t – why – because you have responsibilities, and you find yourself a Captive in Cage!
How much is your bank balance?

Wow! Beautiful wife!

Such an expensive big house!

Cars! Servants!

Reputation in society, ..

And you are Captive!!

I want to go to watch movie, alone!

Let them die peacefully who are fighting over Caste, Languages, Religions and Regions. Let them laugh at me so that they will have scary faces in their old age. They will cry because their children will beat them ..they will be forced to live in old age homes, with tears in their eyes!
Exactly – when your mind is not balanced, you are in vulnerable condition, you are not a good thinker. You are cursed with weakness, fear, poverty, ….You talk much about mind related to spirituality, but you are crying inside!!

The best thing is 

– you don’t have tears on your cheeks. You are skilled to dry tears in your eyes before someone catch you weeping.
Go die!

You can’t.

Go cry!

And you barely can weep.


..and you start sobbing!
Two battles are inside. Four wolves are growling but cannot fight – afraid poor animals! Night sometimes never see morning and moon is not up there. Clouds seems free but they too are Captive. They are not free. They are depending on air. Wolves! You can just growl. You can’t even bite your enemies. You behave like dogs! Cursed Dogs!!
22:41 Tuesday 14th February 2017


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