Result Proves You Right or Wrong! 

​Actually I’m wrong here!

It is my part I did not do well. Who stopped me? Sometimes it was me and sometimes outside obstacles – but real fight was within that was ignored – and outer obstacles could have been managed.
Excuses find their way in lazy mind.

It was me accepted what I was told and taught. I didn’t rely on myself and and happened what, ‘zero result.’ If I could have been on my path, it would be mine no matter in my favour or not but the result would be mine. Here I see a chain of excuses, being good person, trying to keep clean image, obedience, cultures, ..
Result matters!

One is clever, drinks wine, smokes weed, having affairs with various women, – doesn’t matter if socially and financially he is strong. MB Tughlaque had great plannings but outcome made historians to criticize him. Result makes one’s history.
When I will take my last breath, I hope the result would be enough to take me for a  better path.
(05:31 a.m. Wednesday 15th February 2017)
Weaker are they who never ran away from their homes. Hope they can have courage to rebel against family and run from home!
19:07 Wednesday 15th February 2017


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