Aging Without Achievements!

​I have to dye my hair every week. Yes, I will complete 35th in April and almost all of my hair have turned gray. I buy cheapest black dye pack available in Kirana Shops, in 17/- rupees and I use a pack twice.
Today I opened a new pack and used half of powder on my hair. After having bath I went to visit some audition but one of my friends caught my hair dye was not properly applied. Many gray hair in back of my head can be seen clearly. It made me nervous and I came back to home. I put the rest of dye-powder in bowl with water & shampoo and left for hour. In evening I applied the paste again in my hair. I’m still not sure it is ok or not.
Gray hair is not bad but I don’t want it now. After 40 it would be ok but at 36, no no. My hair of eyebrows, inside nose also have become gray but I still feel young because I do Tai Chi, Yoga, Exercises. If I’m tired then I recover freshness soon. I wake up early morning with freshness. Yes I need to take a nap at noon and if I don’t take nap than only I feel lazy.
Today I have become more conscious about my aging. Tai Chi is said to reduce aging, enhance inside energy, be good for flexibility and strengthening muscles – Let’s see how long I will live.
A friend said me my hair have become gray and a long time  is still remained to pass. People feel happiness if they are said they will live long but I didn’t feel happy. It was scary to hear those words proving me getting old with no worldly achievements – I have nothing to feel proud on. Ok, I do Tai Chi, I know some Yoga postures but that’s not enough! Something else and more is required to live a respected life in this economic society.
22:05 Friday 17th February 2017


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