Energy Rejects Energy! 

​Some personalities does nothing but your inner dislikes them.

Azim Khalique is a 47 years old (according to him) man. He met me one year ago with a friend when I was going to Neela Telefilms for an audition. Azim ji started telling me about his experience in theatre, that he has worked with late Shafi Enamdar ji, Gulzar Saab etc. I don’t know he really worked with them or not but I don’t need to doubt on him. Gradually I felt that my nature dislik that personality. My inner dislikes talking with him. I don’t feel happy to see him. That day with a friend we went to Neela Telefilms and given audition there.
I dislike to talk much with someone meets me first-time. I’m not to become friendly easily. This person talks much. Of course 10 minutes talking on phone is much for me, and that is when if it’s not useful for me. Talking irritates me. I had started avoiding this person. If he asked me to come together for auditions, I make excuses and skip that venue for that particular day.
But I don’t hate anybody!

I keep sending him audition updates on Whatsapp if any requirement suits his age and look. He also sends me audition informations. He got me added in a very useful audition updates Whatsapp group. I just don’t like to talk to him.
Today I went to Yash Raj’s studio near SNDT Juhu to see if there any audition is going on or not. I saw Azim ji there in old kurta, in poor man’s look. I could not go back because he would have seen me. I approached to him with smile and shaked hands. He was called there for look-test. I sat there to meet casting assistants if they could take my intro at least, but after spending more than two hours sitting there, we both together left the studio. His look-test was ok because he was called, I was random visitor.
I don’t hate anybody. I don’t pray to go bad for anyone. But some people are there I don’t like to be with.
Chunmun is another person like that. I feel his personality is very selfish. He doesn’t respect anyone. His motto seems to get benefit fromothers. If one seems not useful to him, he stops showing respect to him.
I don’t know how and why I’m so sensitive.
I got headache after this afternoon and this is 21:16 night I’m not feeling well. I took a drink of lassi but still not good.
Energy from some personalities doesn’t suit my energy. I have no bad feeling for anyone. I don’t hate anybody. It’s energy that is unable to accept energy from some other sources.
21:20 Saturday 18th February 2017


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