Relying on Heart not Astrology! 

​They say – If the Sun is your representative in solar system, your personality will be impressive and attractive, you’ll be successful, like a king or leader..

But you can be unimpressive, unsuccessful, financially poor man at your 35 – proves their numerology is wrong !!
They say, If Marse and Saturn are together in first box of your birth chart, your life is full of difficulties created by yourself – proved !!

Your better half will have to suffer more than you if you are married. I skipped ‘If you are married’ and so I saved my better half to suffer. (Joking)
I can’t say “this happened because of this”’s their predictions I was interested in reading at my teenage. Numerology proved wrong in my case. My elder sister is having great knowledge of astrology also proved wrong. In this matter I’m successful to prove them all wrong who predicted my life would be successful and I would be famous, popular man.
Jack Ma says if you are poor at your 30, it’s all your fault. 
I can’t see the way to get out of this situation. I feel me depending on outer circumstance and people.
They say, so many lines on palm indicates you are worried by small reasons, your life is full of difficulties, and you are emotionally not strong. It also means you think much and that makes you not a good decision maker. Ok I think much but waht I think is useless. No-one cares what I think.
Astrology Palmistry Numerology.. these are a bit helpful to have an idea about someone but we shouldn’t rely on it completely.
They say, I would be an administrator, or higher positioned government officer, or successful politician, ..I’m jobless unknown actor searching for acting work in TV.’s astrology was wrong or their predictions, I’m not sure but one with rational mind should not trust on these unscientific calculations.
The best predictor about future is your Heart, not that stuff busy pumping blood in body. Heart knows everything about me and you and everyone, everything. Heart said me ‘Go to Delhi’ but parents and family didn’t allow me. It took four-five months to convince them and my enthusiasm got reduced. Enthusiasm, excitement is for a little time when one must do what he wants to do. Later, waitings, plannings kill that enthusiasm. Excitement dies. That peak of the emotion is ‘suspicious’ time – no need to rely on planetary combination. Heart knows who, what and when is ‘best’ for you.
19:48 Sunday 19th February 2017


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