Wishes Are To Get Fulfilled! 

​Ta >> What is your basic need? Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and few times black-tea. Three or four pairs of clothes, two pairs of shoes, respect and love.. that’s all, right?
Wo >> (Thinking) No! (Pause) I want more!
Ta >> What more?? (Strange, curious!)
Wo >> I want to be (pause) ..the President Of India! (Pretending to be sure and confident)
Ta >> Achchha!! (Not believing or taking it as joke)
Wo >> Yep!!
Ta >> ..and how will you be.. the President Of India??
Wo >> I don’t know. I don’t need to know!
Ta >> What are you doing here then? You must be in politics.
Wo >> I didn’t ask you for suggestions, did I??
Ta >> Then (started playing with thoughts) you are wasting time here.
Wo >> It’s my life. Time between my birth and death is mine.
Ta >> Of course it’s your. But I thought you are in Mumbai to become an actor..
Wo >> That’s I am, an actor. I don’t want to ‘become’ an actor. I am.
Ta >> Oho?? In which TV show you are being seen or with which group you are doing theatre? Any movie you are doing..?
Wo >> Let’s see.
Ta >> ..and how will you become the President Of India? I think here you are not a President right? You cannot say ‘I am the President.’
Wo >> I want to be! And how? I don’t know. I don’t need to know. I just make a wish and leave it to fulfil itself.
Ta >> What a theory you believe in.. it’s amazing! 
(It is making fun of me, I understand but it’s me who made them to laugh at me. I was discussing stupid)
Wo >> Thank you.
(Feeling is defeated in a battle)
Ta >> Would you like to have a black-tea??
Wo >> No thanks.
Ta >> Arey, have it. We are not asking you to pay for the tea ok?
Wo >> . . . 
Ta >> What if you don’t become the President Of India?
Wo >> It would be one of the possible results and I’m not worried about it. I’m not indulged with my emotions. Feelings have their separate existence.
Ta >> (Shocked. Couldn’t find place to make fun) Ok.. without you, where your emotions would exist?
Wo >> I don’t know.
Ta >> Emotions are there because you exist.
Wo >> I didn’t ask you.
Ta >> . . .
Wo >> I want to be the President of a beautiful, tiny but sovereign state.
20:38 Sunday 19th February 2017


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