Missed a Call or an Opportunity? 

​I was busy reading script of a street play with friends. I keep my phone in silent mode so that other may not get disturbed if phone rings. This time I kept my phone inside my bag not in pocket. After completion of reading I checked my phone, it had a missed call at 17:57 from a landline number (+912266510400). I called back on this number but it said the number was not in service. I don’t know from where this number belongs to but it’s from Mumbai and if it was from any production house for work, I missed it.
In morning I sent my pics on a casting director’s number. She msgd me to come for audition before 13:00. I ran for the audition which she said was good. It was of Chai wala’s character, only expressions I was asked to perform. Though she said the first-take was ok, I did for second- take and left the venue for next audition. It was in Motilal Nagar – 3. Address was not proper so I went to Rashmi Sharma production. There I was not given script for audition and Shagir said me to give self-prepared audition if I had. Earlier when I was said like this, I would think they didn’t treat me well but now I take it an opportunity for me to play well. I took three takes and still, my performance was not well in the audition. I left to Dj’s Creation’s office to meet Vinamrata Ji. She is casting director there. I informed her about my act in HINDWARE’s Dreambath App ad and she looked it up on YouTube. Then I went to RajLaxmi, a film production house. I could not meet the director but I used their Wi-Fi for sending some of e-mails. The receptionist Yadav ji offered me half cup of tea which actually he had for himself after serving to directors and others. After sending my emails I informed to Yadav ji and left the building to reach at the rehearsal venue.
All day I had been praying to get some call for work, to have some work to act. I don’t have any issue to work One-day Two-day cameos in tv serial but that also is not easy to get. Casting directors don’t waste time on cameos. They contact to coordinators and coordinators send their their artists. Rest of artists keep roaming like me. And then if I miss any call from landline number, it seems I have missed an opportunity. 
It’s midnight. I could not attain yesterday’s Yoga class, hope not to miss again. Need to sleep.
02:50 am Tuesday 21 February 2017


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