Unsocialised Person!

​Ta – How are you?
Wo – I’m fine thank you.
Ta – I’m searching for new place. Can you pls find me a single room in your area?
Wo – I’m not socialized here and I don’t have any idea here.
Ta – ..around your room, can’t you pls 
Wo – Na yaar I’m sorry I told you I’m not socialized person.
Ta – If you are can’t be socializing then how will you work in film industry?
Wo – if I can do, I will do. If I can’t do, I will not do.
Ta – ….if everyone starts thinking like you, this world will be vanished soon.
Wo – Everyone doesn’t think like me. I never ask anyone to have thinking like me.
Ta – You are like an upside-down pot, useless and closed to get understood. No matter what to say you, your mind is dumb and deef!!
Wo – . . .

20:36 Friday 24th February 2017


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