Am I Unsuccessful? You no need to worry about me!

Wo – Of course this is a problem and I don’t want to get into this drama.
Ta – ..but you have to do something otherwise you will be proved an unsuccessful man.
Wo – Tell me why are you unsuccessful?
Ta – I’m successful man.
Wo – You never been unsuccessful?
Ta – ???
Wo – any field?
Ta – Like what??
Wo – Anything.
Ta – Like.. what?
Wo – Have you ever crossed a six-lane highway with closed eyes?
Ta – No.. did you?
Wo – I tried but I could not. I was unsuccessful in that case. You?
Ta – It’s craziness!
Wo – Did you do that ever?
Ta – Na! I’m not crazy like you.
Wo – You are not unsuccessful in crossing highway because you never tried. Right. I’m unsuccessful because I tried.
Ta – But.. it’s cross the lane.. with closed eyes.
Wo – Same with what you started talking about, right?
Ta – What?
Wo – Do you know what Emperor Akbar did?
Ta – No. Why?
Wo – Doesn’t matter what the Emperor did but you don’t know. Nobody will know what you are doing here.
Ta – ??? What do want to say?
Wo – Don’t worry about me. You don’t need to worry about me and my life. I do not belong to royal family.
Ta – So do I.
Wo – Of course! Your worries about your social-financial status will not br remembered by generations.
Ta – So?
Wo – Relax!

20:49 Saturday 25th February 2017


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