Dream : Living Worm Inside Skin! 

​I dreamt about my body having some pimples on my lower-back upper-waist part. I noticed that a worm too is inside in uppermost layer of skin. I tried to watch it carefully if it’s really a worm? Yes it was but dead. I was not worried. I saw the part again from  distance and it seemed me to be crawling left to right. Again I examined it from close distance and it was stopped but when my face is far, it was moving. Without thinking how it came inside my skin, I started seeing the worm to get the chance if I could get it out of my body. Soon I found some bubbles in a row on his way, looking like another worm but it was not. Bubbles had some liquid inside. The worm entered into bubbles and swimmed towards the left side of bubbles. It swimmed with some force that made bubbles broken and the worm’s head came out of my skin. It went into inside skin-bubbles but I grabbed it with two-armed divise (used by doctors/watchmakers etc. to pluck small things) and having a-second-look I dropped it on floor with some force. — and I woke up then.

I didn’t see it was dead or not. I even didn’t check if there was more worms inside my skin layer. I forgot to check pimples if the worm came out of them.


I don’t know meaning of the dream. I didn’t feel it good or bad but had some disgusting feelings when I found the living worm inside skin layer. Skin was ok and pimples didn’t seemed me a problem. The worm’s colour was white.


06:38 am Sunday 26th February 2017


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