Jaun Was The Most Unsuccessful.

​When you cannot see things are getting worsed but you come to know after everything is wrong, then.. you cannot understand what to do.. I’m feeling like.. it would be better if life-force leaves from me.. to stay quiet.. and hidden forever.
You are nice, it doesn’t matter. What matters actually is what you are. You are nothing if you are not useful and important for society. Nobody is going to cry if you die and so you are obliged to live unwittingly, reluctantly.
Jaun Sahab says – “ho raha hu’n iss tarah barbaad, dekhne waale haath maltey hai’n.” The she’r seemed describing me well when a friend suddenly asked to me – “What you have become?”
You really feel everything around you is being created and projected. People are unaware how they are helping to create the environment. Someone says something about anything else but your mind relates it to your condition. It seems people have question in their eyes.
You are proved financially unsuccessful. You start to avoid talking to people. You are afraid to answer personal questions. People have started using your name as an example for unsuccessful person. You are considered useless, finished, looser! But you have to be breathing, inhaling & exhaling, because you if you die, you will be cursed by people. If you run away, you will be criticized. You are afraid to ‘what people would say?’ And so you are wasting your life. All your possibilities have been ruined. Nothing is rest for you. You are unmarried, single, alone, with no achievements. You wish to be disappeared immediately.

23:28 Tuesday 28th February 2017


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