My 3rd Ad – UltraTech

It was a shoot for UltraTech Cement today. I had given an audition for the ad and I got selected by the casting person. She called me few days ago and said the payment is low.
I had just lost an opportunity for IPL ad shoot a day before she called me, so I didn’t want to lose this ad. She said the payment in some hundreds and I heard in thousands. It was my misunderstanding. I said OK. She also asked me my friends in poor look and in same budget, so I sent her some pics of my friends and two of them also got selected for the ad without audition through photographs. Both of my friends came today without complaining about low payment. I’m thankful to Vinod Saroj and Azim Khalique.
It was a one-day shoot, a holi sequence, finished around 7pm. Because the payment was low, I thought it would be Cash-On-Hand but it was not. Again, I’m thankful to Vinod Saroj and Azim Khalique for their patience. They didn’t complain.
I tried to get some more contacts but the lady assistant director didn’t give me her number. I could not dare to ask yhe director for his contract number.
The shoot was finished, without any bad incident. It would be my 3rd Advertisement but I’m almost invisible there. They used me any friends as Passings though we are actors. I’m thankful to Everyone, I needed work and I got. Ok, for the payment is low and I’m in crowd, it will not be helpful for my profile ..but I did this Ad, and it matters for me.
In photo, from left to right – 

Vinod Saroj, another actor, Anuj Arya, Raquib, and I’m in centre
22:46 Wednesday 1st March 2017


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