Average Looking Characters 

It was second time I did shoot for an episodic crime show yesterday. This time  character was ‘reporter’ and I was given two lines only but it was not dialogue, it was a kind of one side reporting by a reporter. Of course the payment was good this time but cheque will be given after months. Now even in episodics characters are required rich looking tall and fair. Normal Indian people don’t exist in daily soaps. I stand 5’7″ with normal physique man. I’m not tall. I’m not muscular. If I ever do continuity lead character, it would be a miracle.
After the shoot I went to Malvani-1, at a friend’s place for rehearsal of a street play. I reached home around 02:45am midnight and slept without wasting time. Woke up today very late, could not go to garden for exercise. The day was spent rehearsing for street play because it’s audition is tomorrow only between 09:00 to 13:00. I don’t know how we are going to perform tomorrow.

22:11 Friday 3rd March 2017


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