Surviving Performer!

Ta – …I heard you are doing some street plays etc.?
Wo – Yep, I did few months back and and still preparing for an NGO. bytheway, who told you that I’m doing street plays?
Ta – Someone told me.. see, everyone of our group is doing good work except Uttar, but ok, it’s because of his ego….
Wo – Ok, it’s Uttar who told you about me.. 
Ta – How is everything?
Wo – Everything is fine. I did an ad for Hindware in November, see.. 
(I showed the video in my mobile phone. After watching the ad the person said – ).
Ta – Arey, you did Charlie Chaplin again? (Smile) but you cannot be recognized you see..
Wo – Ah.. yeah!
Ta – You should make efforts for getting movies. Set-up fielding for at least 8-10 production houses. Whenever they will make movie, you’ll be part of them. Street plays are not for you now after spending years in theatre. People do street plays for what? To learn acting, right? To have confidence, to face audience live, etc. Now if you do street plays is like demotion. You should go for movies.
Wo – Well, who does decide what demotion or promotion is?
Ta – It’s understood. See, street plays are lowest in performing arts. Next level is stage and television, that also you have done. What is next and above? Movies! That’s what you must make efforts for.
Wo – Don’t you think it’s all by our minds, to make these categories, hierarchy, upper and lower levels? Can’t we see all performing arts are different flavours of the same thing? Everything is on their place, on it’s appropriate size. It’s our mind who judges them far & close, long & short, big & small.. etc.
Ta – …so?
Wo – I’m an actor. I’m a performer. It’s my job to perform wherever I get the chance. And if I’m paid for performing, I should do my work, – I think. Vinay Shakya, a theatre teacher, once said, “you must perform, be ready to act, don’t hesitate. Leave it on audience to judge your act. Your job is to act, if you are an actor.”
Ta – ….ok, but still there is some differences in street plays, television, movie.
Wo – Right. And these differences are created by our minds. The truth is – all are the same.
Ta – How is ‘the same’? All these require different types of acting. In fact, street plays may ruin your acting skill. You will become a Loud Actor.
Wo – That’s what we all have to be ready for – to perform in all kinds of mediums and forms.
Ta – ….ok, got it. You are indirectly supporting street plays because it’s what you have now, because you cannot make it to get work in television and movies.
Wo – Maybe you are right. Maybe it’s what I see the art. Maybe I’m stupid who can see but still ignoring the differences. I’m stupid my friend. I’m not star. I’m just a surviving performer.
Ta – Ok bye. See you.
(I wish not to see you again)
22:07 Sunday 5th Match 2017


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