Experience Of ‘Holy Gate’

​The “Holy Gate” helps to ‘be’ in present. It helps to be free from past. One can be free from involving in future through this Gate. One can leave his life on the Gate and enjoy carefreeness of his True Nature.
I was sitting at bus stop, exhausted after walking around ten kilometres. The production house, I had to go, was near but I could not be daring to walk for the audition. I was feeling like walking in dreams, everything around me had no connection with me. Mind was not concentrated. I was ‘weakest’ physically and mind was not properly working. I concentrated on my Holy Gate, Sati was just before me. Though body was tired but I entered into the building. When I reached to the production house, the casting assistant asked me,
Audition is going on here (I said that not asked him)
I came for audition.
What have you done so far?
Three ad, some episodics..
Ok ok.. then perform your own lines, go to that room (indicated me)
Calmly I started walking towards audition room. Some people were already sitting there, they took an objection over me. The casting assistant then told me to be seated there and asked someone if ready for audition. I sat down there beside a girl. On my right side a man was sitting. I have seen that man and the girl on 2nd of March, in vanity, during lunch, when I was doing Sawdhan India. The man asked me to have rest, drink water, don’t rush to audition room. Though his way was rude but when I sat down beside the girl, he became calm. I asked him “how are you?” I reminded them that we have met on 2nd of March during Sawdhan India’s shoot, they recalled it and the moment that person became normal. The girl found some problem in her script so the man asked me to shift on other side. Then I sat down there beside her but could not sit more than 2 minutes. 
I’m not saying this everything done was a miracle. I felt the power of Holy Gate. That man asked me, “Hope, my words didn’t hurt you.” I was stable and calm replying him “No, there was nothing could hurt me.” I say, I was not in my complete Hosh, I was fully dependent on Holy Gate. My audition was also better than yesterday I did in 502, Sheetal Enclave.
I’m happy to have this skill, this knowledge. It’s helpful in life, good for everyone. I feel it’s what all Buddhas have been seeking for all their lives until they achieved enlightenment.
20:53 Monday 6th March 2017


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