Captive Silence! 

​1. Need to get out of here!
2. “..and the discussion here completes from my side!” I gently stood up, left the chair and calmly walked out of the room without seeing to anyone.
I had nothing remained to share with them. I was not interested to listen them.
I’m not to talk to anyone. I have nothing to talk to anybody.
I’m not thoughtless, I’m not emotionless.
3. I’m unknown person. People do not know me. Buddha left his home but he was respected and known by people. He was like a Prince, from elite ruling family.
4. It’s necessary to own clothes, shoes, undergarments, bag, shaving kit, mobile phone, ..
5. Willing to spread Tai Chi everywhere in India, promoting Tao, nourishing Buddhahood in everybody.
What stops me?
I know I’m not perfect in Tai Chi.

I know just 24, 32, 42, 48, 2nd part of 85.

I have no miracle power like Buddhas had.

I’m not enlightened one.

So many things are still confusing for me.

My mind is not free. I’m not carefree.

I still can be influenced by people.

I’m afraid to die, illness and aging frightens me.
6. It was a beam of rays from the Sun, hit Buddha’s Holy Gate and he got enlightenment. He was silent, smile on face, peace in eyes, heart filled with love and kindness.
7. If everyone is Buddha, everyone is Enlightened. Enlightenment is covered, Buddhahood is hidden.
19:51 Wednesday 8th March 2017


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