Commoners -Less Patience! 

​Wo – No! I cannot believe on your words. I will not believe on ‘what you say’, rather, would believe on ‘how you say.’
Ta – I am saying this, from the bottom of my heart, because are my brother and, ..well, so I have some responsibilities for you, ah, ..and I need to give you a dose.
Wo – Aa..???
Ta – I will talk to you, ..because.. see, when everything will be alright with you, you should..
Wo – Okay.. you are not at the moment. You see, you are seeding for future. Unknowingly you want me to involve with you. I’m aware! I’m not going to create your future. It’s in your imagination and I would not like to be part of it.
Ta – ….???
Wo – If you were a Buddhist, you would understand what I mean.
Ta – I’m Buddhist and.. Well, I don’t believe in such religion and we are not here to talk about religious topics.
Wo – A Buddhist person can see this world clearly. I’m not dragging you for religious talks but if you say You Are a Buddhist, you had applied the philosophy.
Ta – Life doesn’t go with philosophy.
Wo – It means we think different. And this is also good.
Ta – Life demands to be practical. Theories, laws, philosophy has nothing to do with practical life.
Wo – Then why are you using this philosophy?
Ta – …?? Wa.. what, ..which philosophy? Ok if it’s any philosophy, I don’t know. I’m saying that you should ‘be practical!’
Wo – Why I ‘Should?’ Why just ‘I’ should? What is ‘being practical?’ Is it possible that Practicality may have different aspects and views?
Ta – …….?? Like what?? See, everyone here needs to pay bills, wear clothes, eat foods.. that is practical life.
Wo – So Aadi Shankaracharya, Veda-Upnishada Authors, Buddha-Mahavira aal were stupid, according to you.
Ta – I’m not talking about them. I told you we are not talking about religion.
Wo – They said, to be ‘True’ and you are saying me to be Practical.
Ta – See, Maaya, Brahma, ..Eishwar etc. are just philosophy. Bury them. Be practical. If you don’t eat, will you survive?
Wo – I don’t know, do you?
Ta – Yes. You will die!!
Wo – Many people survive in liquid. Well, what did you mean by ‘die?’
Ta – Your body will be dead, your soul will leave your body, your life-source will be zero. That is death.
Wo – And that soul will get a new body or something.. like that? You believe in Soul, I came to know.
Ta – Why are you distracting the talk? Stay on point.
Wo – If you know where or what is the point, you would in peace.
Ta – …? You mean, death??
Wo – I should have been talking to you according to your level. Sorry.
Ta – …what level? You think you are a great philosopher? Who are you? Haa? Just qualifying few exams in college or university, reading philosophy books, can not make you a philosopher ok? You are a fool. A stupid. You are a problem for society, family, for this world. Your mind is blunt. You are blind of books. You are proving what? Are you an intellectual person? Arey na! You are useless, unsuccessful person who could not do anything in your life! You will die frustrated and sad. You will roam in entire this universe as a ghost for thousands of years! Philosopher! You are nothing. Not even a dust of Buddha’s feet and you are dreaming to become an enlightened? I know many people like you who try to hide their failure behind spiritual religious talks! I’m not a fool to get involved in your fake spiritual words. I’m having sense. I’m not blind like you. You go die starving and be Buddha or ghost whatever, ………..
20:27 Friday 10th March 2017


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