People Know Everything! 

​People know everything!

They know if I’m hungry. They ask me to have food. If I’m weaker than other days, they know my energy is low.
People are smarter than me!

I can not cheat them.

If I try to speak lie, I’m caught.
People are not easy to win!

They sometimes play with me.

They allow me to feel proud and suddenly they make me look down.
People are experienced!

I’m new. Each situation is new to me and I see people already there are more experienced than me.
People pretend to be unaware!

They show me as they know nothing.

But actually they have enough ideas.
People are players & gamers!

They know how to involve me in their games, for their use, for their entertainment.

I’m nothing before them.
People are creator and makers!

Politicians, Actors, and everyone must keep happy to them.

They have created big names and celebrities.
I was asked – ‘why is your energy too low? Haven’t you had your breakfast?’

Me – ‘I have done my lunch.’

They – ‘Then why do you seem with low energy?’
22:23 Thursday 7th March 2017


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