Nihilistic Sartre! 

​Ta – Yeah I know you will not play Holi ..I know you are Nihilist.
Wo – Wha.. wha whatt??
Ta – Nihilist. You follow Sartre right?
Wo – Sartre was an Existentialist.
Ta – Existentialist
Wo – Later he rejected his philosophy and became a hard-core Marxist.
Ta – That I didn’t know.
Wo – I don’t remember names this time who were nihilists but Sartre was not a nihilist and he was great.
Ta – Ok
Wo – I won’t talk more about Sartre to make this chat unnecessary lengthy and boring.
Ta – Na, it’s ok. No problem. You tell me.
Wo – I don’t know more, actually.
Ta – Haha!!


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