Performer Must Be Ready! 

​I rarely do my homework and I feel it’s not good for me as an Actor. I find me  not prepared many times. I have a two-minute act prepared in Bundeli which I present if I’m asked to do something. Though I had prepared a two-hours long solo act but could not be taken to stage because of my low-confidence. Of course Amit Rahangdale has dome much work as a director not only on me but also on script but.. the result is, we failed.
Many times I feel me as an Actor must be doing work on my emotions. I have the ability to observe my emotions without getting involved in it. I need to work on each emotion with different levels. I see myself not able to perform many characters. Ok, leading artists are given workshops properly for their particular characters and if they perform well on screen that’s not so strange. If also will be given workshops, I also will perform well. Example can be seen on Sharon Plywood Unbreakable, people say me did Charlie Chaplin was not bad.
Each emotion has different levels or degrees and one has to has practice to travel on each degree. One, as an Actor, must have control on emotions. When a particular emotion is required on required degree, it should come out.
I feel me ready to accept and do notable characters; but how to get them – I don’t know. It would be a miracle only if some day I get a call for lead character, and I would become a celebrity within a day. It may happen because it has happened with people we see on screen. Of course their preparation was long with great hardwork, but they got the opportunity to show. A famous regional film director, I met yesterday, said “only 20-25 actors in Bollywood are real actors, rest of all are by luck and look.”
Na! I’m not one who sit around Oscar Hall or Infinity Mall, cursing established actors to release their frustration. I see, if I don’t take the director’s words as it is, actors are a few and most of celebrity actors are not good performers. Everyone is not a good performer. I aslo need to work on myself, I admit. Yet, me and my friends are not less than established celebrity performers – I feel.
22:27 Sunday 12nd March 2017


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