First Tao Receiving Anniversary !

It’s one year completed today I have received Tao.
Last year on 1st of March I went to Lokhandwala Garden with friend. There I found Chi Chi and Grace doing YuanJi. Later they did Tai Chi – 24 also. Next day on 2nd of March I approached to them and after a brief talk I started learning Tai Chi and YuanJi as well, though I never been much interested in YuanJi. I used to do YuanJi because after it’s 2nd level we used to do Tai Chi which I was much interested in. I had some long discussion with Chi Chi and Malody about religion and faith. Unlike Indians they were ok and didn’t show any strange reaction when I said I’m an Atheist. They invited me to come to Fotang but didn’t tell me about The Ceremony.
These were the days I was busy in ‘Ek Tokri Bhar Mitti’ with friends under Vibha Rani’s Avitoko. On 9th of March ‘Ek Tokri Bhar Mitti’ was performed in Aurangabad. Thanks to director who didn’t come to Aurangabad because we always used to have fight. His absence was good for my peace of mind. Audience appreciated my act as an egoistic Zamindar who later gets his heart changed by heroin played by Vibha Rani herself. Though, payment was too low but I was happy because audition applauded my act. After coming from Aurangabad on 10th, I was asked to stay Pure Vegetarian, means No Onion, No Garlic also. I was not difficult for me and on 13th of March 2016 I went to Yin Chuan Temple and Received Tao through DCS HSU.
I’m thankful to Chi Chi, my Introducer and Anita ji, my Guarantor. I’m thankful to Malody Jie and Aarati ji also for explaining Three Treasures to me. I’m also thankful to everyone for allowing me to be part of this small community with lovely people.
15:36 Monday 13th March 2017


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