Irritating Talkers! 

​I really dislike to talk much. Talking much is wasting of time and energy. Rather, I like to exchange informations. Suggestions and orders seems interfering into my personal area.
When someone wants me to involve in talking when I’m reluctant to talk, it’s irritating. They sometimes touch physically to get attention on their words. I try much to the discussion but they continue without breaking.
Much words with same repetitive message are also irritating. If I’m asked not to do something. I said OK. now again saying ‘not to do that.. because.. and.. because..’ is irritating. I stop listening them, that is only I can do.
Na, I’m not social if ‘being social’ means to be talkative person. I prefer to stay quiet, alone. I’m not bored in my loneliness. I like my company. I have many physical practices, exercises related to breathing, Yoga, Tai Chi, etc. I’m not talkative. I’m happy with my small imaginary world.
Talkative people are actually ‘Kaan Khaau’ and sometimes if their listeners are different, they may achieve higher positions in society but knowledgeable people know talkative persons are always ‘Dhol-Ka-Pol’, hollow personalities. 
People don’t share information generally. They just pass their time by talking. Some people spend entire their days at Paan Tapri and Tea Stalls, talking with people, hoping to get some tea and paan by them. They talk about anything which media wants them to talk. Thay can make opinion about anyone, anything, shahrukh khan, salman Khan, Prime Minister, President etc. They make a small parliament on Chai Ka Adda. Some of them are here also in Mumbai.
19:17 Monday 13th March 2017


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