After One Year Of Cultivation! 

​Ta – One year completed. Can you tell me what’s new you have received or developed within you, which was impossible..
Wo – It proved me True!
Ta – True in which sense?
Wo – My exercises, meditations, practices, all got me there where I was in total mess after Jiddu. It helps me to come closer to myself.
Ta – It’s not new thing. There are many Gurus who teach to know yourself, go into yourself, ..
Wo – ..and they give methods also.
Ta – Yes. Here also you have got a method. Through Nichirens you goy another method. Buddh Vandana etc. all are methods. So you can’t say you have got something new in one year after transmitting.
Wo – I have already said that it proved me True! Transmitting process was a formal ceremony of opening the gate but I already had some unclear idea. I was confused between Open Eyes and Closed Eyes.
Ta – So you have got freedom from confusion?
Wo – I have come to know real ‘Holy Gate’ and also I know why it’s called Gate, and where this Gate opens to.
Ta – Where does the Gate opens to?
Wo – To the Heaven inside yourself.
Ta – So this heaven is not a material world like.. this world we are living in?
Wo – No. It’s state of mind.
Ta – Why is it called a Gate?
Wo – Because one can enter to that ‘Heaven’ only through this Way. After using and practicing other methods, I have come to know that this is ‘easiest’ and ‘appropriate’ way.
Ta – Easiest?
Wo – Really.
Ta – Appropriate? How?
Wo – It brings to present at the moment. It doesn’t lead to imaginary and illusionary world. It helps to stay calm, sometimes makes you looking slow to other. It’s not magic. It’s not mysterious. It’s open and applicable for all, everyone.
Ta – Same words others say about their ways.
Wo – They do not have the way. They have sects, religions, they have books, scriptures, rituals, but they do not have the Way.
Ta – You mean, they are wrong? And you also have sect, kind of a religion, some books, scriptures, you also follow rituals, don’t you?
Wo – They are not wrong. Nothing is wrong until it contains Hate and Killings. What I’m saying is, their processes leads to different, other directions.
Ta – What kind of other directions are their ways lead to? And what is your goal then? A conceptual heaven or Nirvana or Moksha, Liberation, Salvation.. what?
Wo – Atheists go to rejecting imaginary creator – controller – mover – satan – destroyer etc. They live their lives free from religious superstitions. Theists get emotionally attached to a form or imagination or words. We can analyse them more clearly if we talk about particular religion and their sect but we are not going to do it now. My goal is to be knowing myself as well as outside world but without emotional attachment. To enjoy everything without getting attached and bothered – that is Nirvana because it’s possible for Living Beings.
Ta – Do you believe that you have achieved Nirvana?
Wo – I have seen it not achieved yet.
Ta – How can you talk about Nirvana then?
Wo – What I have seen, I try to describe. I may fail to describe, but everyone – I think – have those experiences. If not, then everyone can have those experiences, because We All Are Buddhas in true sense.
Ta – You are getting mystique.
Wo – Words have their limits. Most of the times words are helpless to convey feelings – thoughts & experiences. My English is too bad with small vocabulary.
21:45 Monday 13th March 2017


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