Leave it, if Not Suitable!

​If one thinks any religion or sect is not good for him, he can leave that religion or that sect. No faith can be imposed on anyone by force!
A budding singer girl has been issued religious orders by some 46 religious gurus in Assam. T.v. news channels have got a new issue to arrange debates. Politicians and media are with girl against religious gurus.
Why the religious orders have been issued for her?

— Because she belongs to that religion. She can leave the religion and no religious rules of that religion will be applicable on her.
My forefathers found Hinduism is not good for them. They got to know that their religion has been failed to provide them self-respect, equal social-political-economical rights, they left Hinduism. Buddhism was their first choice and no doubt, Ambedkar showed the right way to all Neo-Buddhists of India. People left their old religion which they found themselves not suitable in.

This is the solution.
No need to reform religions. Leave it,

partially or completely.
If some parts of ritual, Philosophy, teachings are not good for one can be dropped or one should leave it completely if he finds it not good for him.
Why to be attached and getting humiliated by particular religion?

No no.
Religion is different and outer thing. Rituals are almost useless if understanding is developed enough.
Spiritual Faith is totally individual matter and no other people, person, religious gurus have right to make people follow their rules.
One can have none or many Faiths on same time. It’s completely depends on self, an individual one. It would be good if spiritual faiths are kept hidden, rituals wouldn’t be disclosed in public.
I wish, everyone could learn all faiths and understand their uselessness!
22:31 Wednesday 15th March 2017


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