Inside Contaminated By Outside 

​An entire universe is inside me! – they say. Ok, what happens inside me?

Is that actually me inside my mind or contaminated thoughts and feelings?
Worried about future which does not seem to be secured financially and socially.

– worries are formless and result of fear emerged out of financial conditions.

– financial conditions are created by economic society.

– society exists if one exists.
Not happy with Political situation of India  where a political party belongs extremist organization seems to rule according to their particular religion.

– I don’t belong to any political gangs existing in human society.

– unhappiness is because I’m afraid to see religious intolerance in coming future.

– extremist organizations are good when they are in power. They rule over everything even on media.

– small group having control over economy are controllers of political policies.

– particular religion is of course one of controlling tools but if all religions are same, then religious gurus must not be attached with any particular religion. 

– south asian subcontinent’s culture have always been a melting pot.
Tribals, Socially backwards, Religious Minorities seems unsafe under religious majority’s ruling party.

 – religion should have been away from political activities. Persons holding ministerial positions and elected by public should drop their religion during their political life. It makes other religious people feel unsafe.
Street plays are not sure when to be happened.

– I was not the one who submitted the project, what can I do?
Peer pressure to do theatre with them while the need is to get work on tv.

– It’s not easy to get work on tv.

– two production houses have not given me my payment.

– an artist is helpless until he becomes a celebrity.

– only celebrities enjoy luxurious artists’ life.
I see my feelings are infected by outside political social religious activities. My mind has been contaminated.
23:01 Saturday 18th March 2017


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