They Make Fun Of Themselves! 

​Wo – Ok, so what kind of difficulties I have to face in my life?
Ta – So many.
Wo – Like what?
Ta – People may make fun of you.
Wo – That’s even possible, at any situation with anyone, even with you.
Ta – No! Nobody makes fun of me.
Wo – You maybe not knowing.
Ta – Nobody can make fun of me!
Wo – You will not know.
Ta – How is it possible?
Wo – Person, who is made fun of, doesn’t not know but everyone else know and enjoy.
Ta – ..any example?
Wo – You see, I have made fun of you. People enjoyed it.
Ta – When?
Wo – When I said people maybe making fun of you and you would not be knowing.. 
Ta – But nobody laugh here.
Wo – It’s because I didn’t humiliate you, I didn’t hurt your personal dignity. Making fun doesn’t mean to humiliate one to make other people laugh. I used you to entertain others and I was ruling the situation. I could have hurt your dignity but then you may get angry on me. So I just made fun of you without hurting your inner respect.
Ta – It’s not making fun.
Wo – It was. Why can’t you accept it now?
Ta – Because, It was not making fun. You didn’t make of me. You cannot.
Wo – There is another situation too when one makes fun of himself.
Ta – … ??
Wo – Now you are making fun of yourself by rejecting that you were not made fun of. Ok, if you were not made fun of, or you were, ..leave it. If it’s bothering you means you are making fun of yourself.
Ta – (Looking Stupid. ‘What to do’ stillness. Blocked Mind) ??
Wo – Go home. Have coffee. You are done!
02:36 Monday 20th March 2017


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