Unwanted, Unnecessary, Irritating Suggestions and Opinions!

​Ta – You should not wear this shirt. It doesn’t look good.
Wo – I’m going to wear this shirt only.
Ta – Why?
Wo – .. .
Ta – Ok, you do wear this shirt.
Wo – Your suggestion was not required. I didn’t ask you about this shirt or anything.
Ta – You will do what I say you not to do.
Wo – Na na. I already had decided to wear this shirt today. I did not need any suggestion. I didn’t ask your opinion. It was you who came across with your unwanted unnecessary suggestion with opinion about this shirt. It was a fault and done by you!
Ta – Ok. You do whatever you would like to do.
Wo – I do not need suggestions.
Ta – Ok ok
Wo – ..and I don’t like to explain everything, so don’t ask ‘Why?’
Ta – I didn’t ask.
Wo – You asked when I said ‘I’m going to wear this shirt only.’
Ta – Ok you do whatever you want to do!
Wo – Suggestion was not needed.
04:44 Monday 20th March 2017


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