Abusive Words in Talking! 

​Yesterday, I had invited two of my friends at home in evening. They know each other but not well bounded. Here at my home I live in a chawl surrounded by small one room houses. All people living around me are labourers or working at low pay scale jobs. One of my these two friends, I had invited yesterday, had loud voice and he was using some bad words while other friend maintained his low-pitch low voice and without bad words. After a few minutes I said my friend –
“Bhai, sorry for interrupting, but your voice is too high and your language contains abusive words.”
Then he kept his voice low but continued using adult-words in his talking.
I generally don’t use bad abusive adult words in my talking. I know how to use ‘Gaali’ in talking but I don’t like to use them. I do use some words in my language but only when I talk alone and that’s also not always. I even would not like to speak bad words on camera. Sometimes I had left some auditions where scripts contained abusive words.
I don’t do it intentionally or keep my image very nice at people but it’s now in my behaviour. I dislike to talk to people who use abusing words in their talkings. Rather, I would like to talk people using less words, low pitch and low voice, with informative talkings. Morality, ethics, ‘what & how should one do/were/behave or not’ type talking is useless. — Here I’m not talking about ‘how people should talk’ — I’m just sharing what came in my mind after talking with friends in last evening.
Once I was in New Mahada for an audition, much crowd was there, I was waiting for my turn, a foreigner girl came there talking on her phone to some guy and her words were “It’s fucking 1 o’clock..” — so, using such kind of words is common in their language – and same here, girls too use such words.
Sometimes I feel me in other planet I don’t belong to.
I don’t say that people who use pure literature language in their talking are nice. We can’t judge people’s character, nature, behaviour; instinct just by observing ‘how they talk’ but of course we get some ideas –
If someone is talking in good language, without abusing words, with small sentences, and if sentences formation is nice, without mess, calmly, in appropriate pitch & voice, then the person is

– having good command over language & literature

– mindful with words, pitch and voice

– having understanding about surroundings

– aware about topic and talking

– having a calm stable mind which is ready to understand and able to play with people’s mind
If one uses bad words, inappropriate pitch and voice, without proper sentence formation, then the person is –

– from unhealthy social surroundings, without literature, or sometimes they talk like this because they believe this kind of talking may make them more enjoyable for listeners.

– in hurry, not calm, unstable mind
Their maybe more reasons and cause for both kind of people and, Because words of language come from mind, we can try to understand them through their wording, language, sentence formation, pace of talking etc. 
10:32 am Thursday 23rd March 2017


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