No Plannings!

​I have no decided plan!
20th’s evening I thought, I would wake up early morning to go for Tai Chi practice then I would come home, then I would to go to Bhaskar Bhaiya’s house for completing the script of play we are planning to perform in near future. I would stay whole day there writing the script.
What happened –

I woke up in 21st’s morning very late around 06:45 am, I had to skip my Tai Chi practice. Then I was cooking meal and got a call from Neeraj Dada for a performance on 27th. I informed to Bhaskar Bhaiya and group to change time of meeting in later half. I went to Neeraj Dada’s place. I understood the project and prepared a performance. The video we sent to the Creative person of the project but she sent us another suggestion. I had to spend entire the day there till late night and after dinner when we were about to start writing a new script according to their reference video, he received another call from a senior who suggested us not to start work until they pay us a little money for confirmation.

We stopped.

I came home late night and slept.

Today I had invited my another friend for the same project at Neeraj Da’s house, and because I couldn’t reveal her what happened about the project, I let her come there. I also reached there so that she may comfortable with new people. We took a kind of voice audition of her.
When we were practicing songs, I received a call for a meeting from a production house. I had to leave the place saying I will be back soon. There at production house I came to know I was called for an audition for a mythological show. Well, performance was ok ok, 6 -7 takes I had to do, and finally the audition guy said OK.
I was in makeup room, got another friend’s call whom I think is helpful to get a movie in recent future. I went to see him and after a short talking I came back to infinity mall, to meet two other friends respectively. I invited both of them at my house for tea. It was a casual talk about street plays, auditions nowadays, etc.
Now at 21:39, I am going to have my dinner. Hope, tomorrow I will be able to go for Tai Chi practices which has been stopped since 11th of March, before Holi festival.
I have no plan for tomorrow because I see all circumstances can be changed and one has to be relying on spontaneity of his mind. Pre-planned schedule is good but I don’t know what and how is about to happen.
It’s good. I’m learning much from life!
21:43 Wednesday 22nd March 2017


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