Who Was That Old Indian Sage? 

​I had almost five days to practice Five Words but I could utilize only one night and it will be second night to practice. I didn’t have proper dinner, just a cup of black tea and a small bowl of Chiwda. 
Last night when I was practicing words, an Image of an old Sanyasi appeared in front of Holy Gate. The picture was a photo with yellowish shed and the Sanyasi was in white clothings, like Vedantis or Vinoba Bhave, his skin was black maybe because the photo was old but he was an Indian Sadhu and his look had much similarities with Robindranath Tagore or Sadguru like long white hair and white beards. I have never seen that Sanyasi or his picture anywhere. I have never been influenced by Robindranath Tagore and Sadguru. That Sage in photo appeared in front of my Holy Gate was not still but smiling and his right hand was in Abhay Mudra, like Buddha not other Saints.
At first, the picture was small and a little far, seems 6-7 feets from me. I tried to see that clearly and it was enlarged then seemed at 4-5 feets far from me, and for few seconds it seemed or maybe it was an hallucination that I saw the Sage in his late 50s sitting there before me. His body was still like statue, right hand in Abhay Mudara like Buddha’s hand, and he was smiling. I could see his smile only not eyes. Face was covered with long white beards and hairs.
Gradually it seemed again a large photo which became small and disappeared. I can remember a blurred unclear image of that in my mind.
It was around 01:15 to 01:30 am. midnight. It was Siddha Yoga according to Indian Panchang.
Let’s see what happens tonight.
22:52 Friday 24th March 2017


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