Conspiracy behind ‘Hindu’

​Try to see what is happening inside.
Television channels are busy praising current CM of Uttar Pradesh who belongs to Nath Sect of Shaiva Religion.
Jaina and Buddhism were the most strongest in ancient south Asian subcontinent, then, Shaiva and Shakt became one to oppose Vaishnavas and Vedics. Social and philosophical conflict was obvious between Vaishnava & Shaiva. According to some historians, Shashank, a king of Gaud kingdom, current Assam, Bengal and Bihar, had ruined 84 Buddhist Monasteries. Kulottung-II or Kulottung-III used to hate Vaishnava so much that he got thrown Vishnu’s statue in ocean. Emperor Harsha was also influenced by Shaivas as it was his secondary faith after Buddhism. Well, Shaiva was successful to win hearts of commoners as well and so many saints like Lakulish were popular among people especially in south Indian region.
If one studies faiths and beliefs of this south Asian subcontinent, he will understand that ‘Hindu’ words has been used by Brahmins to bring all faiths under one name, to organize people against Christianity in British India. They couldn’t organize people as Hindu against Islamic Rulers because that time this subcontinent was divided in many sovereign kingdoms. Persians could never been a threat for Brahminic system but still in ancient time all outsiders and intruders were ‘Mlechchha’ or ‘Untouchable, Lower’ people.
This is a conspiracy still being played by clever Religious thugs who cleverly use the term for political purpose. Politically people of India are Indians and not Hindustani. They claim all Hindustanis are Hindu!? This conspiracy proved unsuccessful when its comes for Jaina and Buddhism. Dr. Ambedkar had great wisdom that he could understand the conspiracy. I see the Mass Conversion of 1956 not only an escape for lower castes from Brahminic social illness but a revenge from Brahminic hierarchy.
If one is aware about philosophy, history and conflicts of social-cultural-groups, he could easily understand the conspiracy by Brahmins have been being played with innocence people following other faiths in South Asian Subcontinent.
These all happens inside after collecting informations from outside. Tv news channels are not trustworthy. They are not voice of people.
02:05 am Monday, 27th March 2017


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