Vegetarian with Nonvegetarians! 

They say –

My ancestors used to eat meat.

I belong to human race and it’s said, before civilizations, my ancestors were nonvegetarians. My teeth have different types and for different use to tear, cut and chew uncooked meat. Thay also say that Appendix in my stomach, a part of my intestines was another stomach. Other species like cows, buffalos also have more than one stomachs.
I can’t reject their clam. They are biologists. They have studied well about living beings.
I was born as nonvegetarian and my food was milk. Milk is not veg. Later I was taught to eat grains, then I started eating other veggies. I disliked Milk but my favourite drink was Matha, or Chhaas, or we people used to call it – Mahhii. I don’t like milk even now. I never liked Eggs, Omlet, Chicken, Meat etc. in my childhood. Sometimes I used to eat eggs only if it is cooked at home.
When I was 24-25, in Jabalpur, Naseeb brought chicken from his home and shared with all roommates. I got head of the chicken, I took it at my hand holding with my fingers, and I could not hold myself. I did Vomiting and it was one of their worst dinner ever.
It’s not like that I didn’t eat nonveg before this incident. I kept myself enough flexible to eat food with shorba. Once I went to friend’s house in Nagpur. They cooked chicken that I couldn’t eat but I. They understood my feelings and asked me if I’m vegetarian. I hesitantly accepted and they cooked veg for me. I was hesitant because they were not my relatives, and I made them to cook for me.
Now, after receiving Tao, I prefer pure veg, means without Onion and Garlic. I eat eggs or whatever is cooked at home. Family people put Onion and Garlic that I can’t avoid. But if I’m allowed to pick food for me, it would be pure veg.
Nowadays, right-winger extremists are dying to show their religious crazy behaviour contaminated with extreme nationalism. According to them, nationalism is being anti-Pakistani, chanting Gayatri Mantra, raising slogans to save cow but not having kindness for human being..
I’m in India which is moving towards Extremism of Religion and Nationalism. Some states’ governments have stopped killings of cow but they allow slaughter houses. They speak to stop killings of cow only not other animals. Ministers are well trained to play with people and their emotions. Their kindness is fake and their act are biased. They don’t promote vegetarianism openly.
Of course, I’m vegetarian by nature but I can’t force others to be vegetarian, I should not make false speeches. If people want to eat nonveg they can, on same table with me. I will not have any problem. I do not hate nonvegetarians.
13:14 Monday 27th March 2017


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