Willing To Go Far!

​Let me leave this place once and I wish, I will never need to contact them.

I don’t need them.

I don’t want to be humiliated every now.
I’m not to prove anything to anyone.

I’m at my space and if they cannot understand me, how can they humiliate my personality?
I’m fed up of these people!

I just want cut my relations with them. 

Na, blood relationships are fake!

And everyone here is on their way and pace 

– but they cannot understand that.
If these reasons are not be taken as excuses 

– I’m here because I was not allowed to go out when I wanted to fly.

I was courageous enough

but forcefully I was kept in a cage.
What happened then? 

Result is I’m here.
Okay, my financial social conditions are not good 

And I can’t say it would be better if I could go forward with my plan,

But at least, I would not be here

With these superstitious, political crazy, close minded people!
I’m not happy!
Small plant cannot grow up

To become a tree

Under another tree.

How can the plant get chance to grow??
I never want even to see them anymore

But circumstances are with them. 

Politically, Socially, Economically they are strong!

And what is me? Nothing!
saying –

“When you are in a deep shit, keep quiet” 

And this would be last year of my difficulties and problems.
Being with people we don’t like and not being with people we like is also one of causes for suffering.
Circumstances are not with me.

I try not to be overwhelmed with feelings. 

I’m not influenced by words, books, people, teachings..

I keep myself pure.
Just I need to stay away

Far from these people

And and I wish,

I will overcome very soon.
22:23 Saturday 25th March 2017


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