Ambedkarism And Bahujanwad

Bahujanwad and Ambedkarism are same  ideology with different names. People must not be confused but to understand Dr. Ambedkar.
They who were untouchables are still untouchables for Savarn Hindus. If they are Hindu, they have to follow Varna category and being discriminated in social rituals remains their destiny. Even the Neo Buddhists also have a little social upliftment after Dr. Ambedkar. They who are Hindu will remain Hindu until they are misbehaved by Savarn people. Only an aware and courageous person who is willing to be a free rational man dares to leave old religion with all its tradition, cultural, rituals, philosophy and faiths. Mind must be free from old religion and old faith have to be erased from mind before converting to other religion.
People must know that some political persons in Congress pretended to be representatives of Untouchables but entire the untouchable society was with Baba Saheb Ambedkar only.
Now, newly educated people are still not enough in power to have their rights. They always forget that there were only two people who could strongly oppose to Congress and Gandhi – Dr. Ambedkar and Manavendra Nath Roy. People of these days have forgotten Manavendra Nath Roy and his ideology of Indian Communism.
In fact, Dr. Ambedkar wanted to organize untouchables but later they have been divided into various fragments. Some of them have become Congressy, some are Bahujawadi, some of them are Mool Niwasi. It proved not good for untouchables and their upliftments. It has drained their social power into various political parties and they have become just a tool for others to have reign over the nation.

Baba Seheb himself had founded a political party, security force, religious organization, he had prepared everything, still if we see other Ambedkarite Political Parties, Social Organizations, Religious Societies, what does it mean? I see them a dividing forces against Ambedkarite people.
Dr. Ambedkar got us all these rights of social-economical-political equality, were not by going to Temples but through Education and Struggle. If he would go to Temples instead of struggle, I would not be writing this article, I would not have this Android mobile phone, ..
20:29 Friday 31st March 2017


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