2nd of April, 2017, Sunday!

It was one of my best days today I have spent with friends – Sakshi, Vinay and Bhaskar Bhaiya.
Actually what happened, I got a call yesterday evening for a comedy reality show. The calling person was a girl took my details and asked me to send her my comedy videos or links. So I needed to make some comedy video links and Bhaskar Bhaiya is very helpful in this kind of acting work. I requested him to help me for making audition links. Vinay and Sakshi also got ready to help me. I met them yesterday evening also but it was just a casual meet.
Today, I woke up early in morning, went to garden for Tai Chi practice came back to home, took bath early before 10:30, ate 4 Roti, and left to Meera Tower for my Chinese language class. The class’ day is Saturday but because I could not go yesterday, I requested Chi Chi if the class is possible today. Well, after finishing the language class at 12:30 I went to Bhaskar Bhaiya’s place. I was already prepared for auditions. I have only comedy script which is actually from Hamsa Kar Ley Kilol, written by Arun Pandey ji. I did the play when I was in Jabalpur in 2006-07. I was a British Sepoy in the play. The part I used today for making comedy script is actually performed by Santosh Bhaiya in Hamsa Kar Ley Kilol. What I do is as it he did years ago.
The script is in Bundeli language and character is local man sharing stories to his village people in a public meeting place.
The audition was done through Sakshi’s phone, then Bhaskar Bhaiya’s phone and then my phone was also used to shoot the audition. Then, we made some videos of general activities like talking, having fun, laughing at each other, etc. I could not upload all videos on YouTube but only Audition Video took from Bhaskar Bhaiya’s mobile phone.
Though, I have sent the YouTube link to number asked me yesterday for Comedy Video. I keep that unlisted on YouTube but for readers it’s Available here through Link. I wish to upload other videos too but depends on free Wi-Fi I get next time.
I enjoyed the day very much. This is how I wanted to have my circle with whom I could spend time happily, without thinking about sadness of life. Sadness is there when one thinks about it, otherwise it’s always state of mind like happiness and other emotions.
I don’t know if I will get the chance for appearing in comedy shows, I don’t know if I will be popular and famous in future, but if life ends like how this was spent, I will never be regretful.
23:25 Sunday, 2nd of April 2017


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