How To Stay Aware About Self? 

Question – How to be / stay aware about / of oneself?
Answer – There are four ways to stay aware of yourself. Two of them are internal processes, two others are, of course, external.
External –
1. To be aware of body movements

2. To be aware of breathing
Internal –
1. To be aware of Thoughts

2. To be aware of Emotions
For body movements, one has to be knowing, which part of body is moving, and for what?

If part is not moving, one should be knowing of that too.
For breathing, person should be aware of Inhalation and Exhalation too.

Also, should be knowing about length of Inhalation and Exhalation.

More clearly, one becomes aware of Points Between Inhalation and Exhalation then Exhalation and Inhalation.

Later, one can see clearly both of the ends of Inhalation also Exhalation.
Here, one gets the understanding developed to feel his Death! Though, person doesn’t die but he starts recognizing death between breathings.

Here one can experience the Sunyata inside.
For thoughts, one is aware of informations his mind is getting through senses. He also can see how informations are covered by another informations, how one information is stronger or weaker than other information, how one thought gets converted into other thought. One becomes knowing about transition too.
For emotions, it’s little difficult for one to stay away from self and observe the feelings. One, if practices, becomes aware of emotions, their processes to change into another. One should be knowing when emotion is getting changed and how. Which reasons or causes are there behind changes of Emotions, one has to be knowing that too.
21:08 Thursday 6th April 2017


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