Nations Divide Earth Planet! 

Ta – ..don’t you think it’s against of our country?
Wo – Praising any other country is not against of your country.
Ta – Praising not your country but criticize, isn’t it harmful for national integrity?
Wo – No. We must be doing introspection time by time. 
Ta – Don’t you believe country is above all?
Wo – You must clarify if you are asking about Nation or Country.
Ta – About Nation.
Wo – As a citizen of Earth Planet, I see, dividing blue planet into Nations, by some political lines on earth is Anti-Planet, and it’s against of our Global Integrity.
Ta – ..what if I replace Nation with Country?
Wo – Countries are not divided into political lines but by geographical, cultural regions. It makes global society beautiful to have different kinds of people with different languages, different colours..
Ta – Are you against Nationalism?
Wo – I see extreme nationalism is harmful for us. I believe, all governments of nations should work together to serve global society.
Ta – Recently some public representatives rejected to sing Vande Matram in a public program held in Allahabad.
Wo – Yes, I know.
Ta – Are they right? What do you think?
Wo – Do I have just two options – Right or Wrong to answer your question?
Ta – No no. You can explain, but not with much details.
Wo – They did what they wanted to do. And I think they didn’t disrespect of any nation or song. It’s neither right nor wrong. Everyone is free to do what they want to do and if it’s not harmful, if it’s not violent, if it’s not spreading hate.
Ta – Just hate and violence you avoid and what about rest of causes dividing nation?
Wo – Dividing forces are those who nourish hate among us like Castes, Religion, Languages. But government is not working to eliminate Castes from society. Many of MPs themselves belong to Hindu Religion, and so we can’t hope to see India free from Castes. And so for others.
Ta – How do you think our nation can br stronger than others?
Wo – We don’t need to be stronger than others. We should be important.
Ta – What if stronger nation attacks on us?
Wo – Don’t make bad wishes like that. If we are important, nobody will attack on us rather we will be respected one. We should not be one with whom others are afraid. I remember, Yuyuts’ dialogue in Andha Yug.
Ta – You are not a nationalist.
Wo – I’m an earthian I have said already.
10:48 am Saturday 8th April 2017


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