Ambedkar Today!

Neo-Buddhism founded by Dr. Ambedkar was against traditions of Hinduism like Casteism, Varna, Brahminism, etc. I see Neo-Buddhism not a new religion but a Refined Buddhism which had been contaminated with many superstitious rituals. Buddhism by Buddha was a complete way for one to be free from sufferings, and to live life happily. In later days, it was flourished well in other countries out of south-asian subcontinent but here people misunderstood it and as a result we see, all non-brahmanic traditions are considered Hindu. Today, I think, no-one would like to be considered lower than others or Brahmins just because he or she is born in other Caste. One who has self-respect as a human being, will definitely oppose the caste tradition of Hindus. Many rational social reformers before and after Dr. Ambedkar rejected Hindu Varnas and Caste traditions, but Dr. Ambedkar is a bit more important because he brought a bigger change in this south-asian subcontinent’s society. He is not less than a Messiah for all women, lower caste Hindu people, of this south asian subcontinent. No matter one is Neo-Buddhist or not but without Dr. Ambedkar India would be backward living in mediaeval era.
Today someone asked me, “Will you go to Rajghat on 14th April?”

“Rajgaht or Chaitya Bhumi, you are asking about?” I asked back.

“Oh yes yes, Chaitya Bhumi”

I said, “Two Rajghats are known most, one is from Varanasi for Jiddu Krishnamurti, another is from New Delhi for MK Gandhi.”
Another person sitting there asked me “What is kn 14th April?”

I took a pause for few seconds and replied, “It’s Dr. Ambedkar’s birth anniversary in 14th April.”

Questioner’s expression was like that he was feeling embarrassed for not knowing this.
22:02 Sunday 9th April 2017


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