No Actor Is Good Or Bad!

Sabet is an actor has done some small characters in some movies. Yesterday evening I was in front of 62 for an audition, Sabet came and requested the casting guy for taking his audition. I was also in que. The casting person gave us a blank paper for making a que sheet. Sabet took the responsibility and he started writing names of artists standing there according to their arrival sequence. An actor, also was in que, objected Sabet’s making que sheet. He thought, Sabet is writing other friends name also who has not come yet. As a result there was a small fuss among actors in front of the studio. Finally, we 5 people were called inside for audition because our names. Sabet’s mind got disturbed because of the mess. His performance in audition was not so good. When my turn was came, I also could not perform well but the casting person especially asked me to send him my complete profile.
We all 5 people came out of the studio, next 5 people went inside. Sabet was saying to another actor, “No actor is good or bad, but the performance.” He added more, “I know, I sometimes don’t do well but people who watch me on screen praise me.”
I am sure he was not saying this to ignore his bad performance in the audition. I also have experienced the same. First time when I was selected here for crime show, my performance was great in audition according to the production house but I did so worst in shoot that many people there were laughing at me and the director replaced me from some of my scenes with my co-actor. I know I’m not a great actor, but I’m not so bad that I would be treated such way. The fact is, I didn’t perform well in my first shoot for crime show, unit members were laughing at me, director was cursing me, he even had left the shoot when I was in scene. I had to face much insult as an actor in that shoot.
I’m average but I have long range for performance. I can do well and worst beyond my level. If one sees my act as Charlie Chaplin in Sharon Plywood Unbreakable ad, I’m appreciated. If one would see my act in my first crime show, I would be criticized like hell. I agree with words “No actor is good or bad, but the performance.” 
22:24 Friday 14th April 2017


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