I Am What I Am!

Alok Ulfat sent an invitation msg in Dulari Dhamal Whatsapp group, few days ago. I was not sure to go there but when he asked us all if we were interested to meet him again after a long time, Bhaskar Bhaiya and me replied in positive way. Today was the meeting, like a Get Together of his disciples. Most of actors there came today were new for me. I knew only Bhaskar Bhaiya & Vinay. Sakshi also came there with us but it was her first time to meet Alok.
Well, I didn’t bring anything to eat. Alok asks everyone to bring something for eat. All we share with each other our food, it’s nice tradition he has started in among his disciples.

Note :- Alok doesn’t make desciple!
All we people were sitting in veranda in Little Raina, a girl asked me

‘Where are cups?’

I indicated to the kitchen.

She asked again for spoons and I said 

‘There!’ Indicating towards kitchen.

She continued, ‘Are you here….’

‘Na, Im not’ I replied with smile.

Her expression got changed and she moved to the kitchen.
She misunderstood me as Studio Boy, maybe because my clothing was poor. Old red t-shirt, green half pent, torn shoes, ..I was looking dirty because I directly went there after finishing my Tai Chi class in morning. Realizing what she thought me, I said ‘Yeh To Gadbad Ho Gai.’
I got in the bus, took ticket for Machhlimar bus stop. I was going to Little Raina, in Aram Nagar to meet Alok Ulfat. I could not recognize the bus stop and was about to get off on Picnic Cottage, but stopped. Two inspectors were already standing there to check passengers’ tickets. Because I was in the gate, they thought me stopped to see them. They came closer to the bus and asked me to show them ticket. I did, then they allowed thr bus to go. Machhlimar bus stop was next.
In both of the incidents, I was misunderstood. Ticket checkers thought me a WT while the girl thought me office boy. I am what I am.
I’m not changed.

My clothes were dirty, I was little tired after Tai Chi, I was, maybe smelling too, but I had ticket, and I am not Studio Boy.
19:35 Saturday 15th April 2017


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