Sheep’s Opinions About Wolf!

People are sad to think about others,

‘Why did/do they say about me that?’
Answer is – ‘It’s because of their limited understanding, conditioned mind, narrow mindedness. So they cannot analyse properly all the things, and thus you see them saying wrong about you.’
Answer seems simple but it’s not applicable for many people.
If someone says wrong about me, I examin first –

Is that good for me?

Is that bad for me?
Someone says – ‘Shekhar is a fine Actor!’

Maybe it’s wrong but good for me.

Someone says – ‘Shekhar is worst Actor!’

Maybe it’s true but not good for me.
Someone says what is all because of his mind, his circumstances, his thinking, his mood, his intention, etc. It doesn’t change me. If I’m stupid, great marks on my university certificates can’t change me. Same way, if I’m good, someone’s wrong word/action cannot change me.

Still, this is one of reasons for sadness that is suffering.
I, need to examine.

What people are saying about me is right, or wrong?

What they are thinking about me, and how is my image in their minds – I cannot know. What I know is just assumption what others are thinking about me.

So, in that case, even my mind gets stuck with opinions which are not based on facts.
If, people are saying about me is right, if I really have something to be fixed in, I must do it. And I must be thankful to to people for letting me know what is wrong in me. If they are wrong, then it’s ok. I must not be worried about their opinions. Now, after centuries, we came to know that Aurangzeb, Mohd Bin Tughlaque, were great and nice emperors. People are free to speak, it’s their right and they should use it.

20:53 Saturday 15th April 2017


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