Eve of Birth Anniversary

1. First you be free from all emotions or stay balanced emotionally.

2. If any of your emotions is on high, don’t talk to me.
3. All emotions are strong enough to make you crazy.

4. You will never get it until you lose me.
5. I don’t want to call you emotional fool but you are emotionally so weak.

6. I’m not going to suggest you anything anymore.
7. In first and second sentences I have not given any suggestion. I have left giving suggestions to people.
8. You are people.
9. What you say, comes from your emotional side. You will never die satisfied.
10. I wish you die frustrated, crazy, shouting, depressed, fanatic.
11. I’m also not free from emotions. I also have no control over my emotions.
12. I try to see my emotions.
13. My emotions are stronger that yours. My emotions exist.
14. My emotions are attached with thoughts. They are separate but linked too.

15. Same with my body, breathing, eyes, ….then emotions and thoughts.

16. There is Emotionlessness and Thoughtlessness, both but after Eyes, Breathing and Body.
17. You are caged under emotions. You are imprisoned of your thoughts.
18. Movement is not just moving body.
19. No, I don’t know future.
20. Weakest number is Nineteen. Weakest, useless, handicapped, helpless, poor.
21. All teachings taught by/through words are fake. Symbols are little closer. Hints are more closer. 
22. I wish to die as a monk.

23. Peace in eyes, smile on face.

24. I wish not to be buried or burnt.

25. Liu Ju Hui Neng was most fortunate one.
26. I’m afraid of numbers.
27. I wish never to contact you in future. I would not like to see you and your people.
28. Blood relations also are not true.
29. I see people very smart. Some of them are very intelligent too.
30. We don’t know who is our family. True family sometimes exists far. What we call a family is a boundary. True family is too far.
31. I try not to be driven by emotions. I try to understand what comes to me. I try to see if possible. Still I’m aware whatever is my experience, can be not true.
31. I’m surrounded by words, which contains concepts. I try to be free from concepts too.
32. Food is necessary.
33. Sometimes life lives in eyes, sometimes in tongue.
34. Holy Gate is True Way. I’m fortunate to have Three Treasures.
35. My boat is small. My boat is small.
36. I think, my time is finished. Four years make a complete circle.
37. I wish to share the treasure with all but I’m not authorized.

38. I can give some hints.

39. Again I say – my boat is small.
40. Again I say to clarify – hints are not closer the truth but they indicate to the right way. Hints maybe misunderstood but that’s same with symbols too. Na, words have less possibility to show the way. Mostly words are not true.
41. Buddha, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Hui Neng, Osho, Khalil Jibran, Rumi, Nanak-Kabeer-Raidas-Mira, Lao Zu, Confucius, ..
42. If you are under any or more emotion, you, you are contaminating others too. Better you keep your sadness inside.
43. I don’t have experiences of death. They say, death is a transformation. I will not come back to tell you when I will be dead.
44. Numbers have captured mind. Numbers are not strong. Mind is weak.
45. I’m sleepy.
46. I should sleep.
22:04 Tuesday 18th April 2017


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