Formless Is Cause Of All Forms!

“Formless Is Cause Of All Forms”’s proved today, for me.
I can say – 
1 – All physical things are just results of the Formless.
2 – All physical things are illusions of the Formless.
3 – Truth is Formless.
4 – Truth can be felt. 
4a – Its totally matter of personal, individual’s experience.
4b – Individual’s personal experience can be seen and felt by others too.
4c – Other’s inside can be felt and seen by individual.
5 – True language doesn’t have words.
5a – True Language is Language of Symbols, Hints, Shakun, Feelings, sometimes Thought also.
6 – Formless is inside Everything.
6a – Formless is True and Everywhere, Everything.
7 – Emotions, Thoughts, Karma, exist.
7a – Emotions, Thoughts, Karma.. are stronger than Things exist in Forms.
It was not just a game but something helped me to spear deep inside my mind that has destroyed my illusion.
Though I knew the True Heart, True Way, but this was not felt so deeply I had today.

The experience I had today has made me more focused on it.

Now I feel, it’s almost automatic and easy to be focused on Heart.

So many things are now clear.
Some months old my little niece is crying, my sister-in-law is trying her to be happy. I feel, I can see everything.
Now I feel – 

if I die right now this time, I may die with satisfaction in my eyes, smile on my face.
21:21 Sunday 23rd April 2017


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