English Speaking Labourers! 

It was 2nd day of an event today I was in Renaissance Hotel. The mobile company had an event to promote its local dealers of different cities of India. What was my part in that?
I was called from a friend to work as promoter. Actually, this ‘promoter’ word is modern name of Occasional Labour for events. These event companies need men power so they hire college goers, jobless people, etc. to make their event successful. It’s good for college goers, they earn their pocket-money.

The company, I was working for, sent three entertainers whose job was to entertain people with teaching them playing instruments.
My work yesterday and today was to to put instruments on right place, then encourage people to follow instructions of entertainer, and finally to put all instruments in box. We were 9 boys yesterday and 6 boys today. These all were actors but for money they also were doing this work. Many other struggling actors, actresses also do so. Some girls there in short dresses were there for nothing but to make guests feel good in dinner time. It was fully Labourers’ job, just difference is, here these Labourers speak English.
I have done this before with same company. They found me not good for them. I also feel I’m not good for these kind of work. They rarely call me for events.
I wish to be Tai Chi entertainer who teaches Tai Chi rather than teaching instruments. That would be a better work than working as Labourer.
Payment will be done by online, they said. I’m too backward in technologies too. I still need liquid money because I don’t have credit-cards, I use 2G network which is not good for using Applications on phone.
World has entirely changed. Way of doing, work, internet, teaching, ..everything has been changed. Who does these changes? They are planners, gamers, businessmen, industrialists,.. people are consumers, customers, for them. I’m fit neither in their definitions of workers nor leaders’.
I should be living somewhere in Himalaya or in deep jungles (joking).
22:33 Friday 28th April 2017


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