Blaming On Imaginary Cause!

Friend – Someone cheated me!
Amit – ….Ok
Friend – He sold me car with old and damaged engine. I had to borrow money from my father, brother in law and some money I had already.
Amit – …
Friend – I neither drink nor smoke. You know. 
Amit – Yep!
Amit – I just love to have cars, expensive clothes, bikes, …I was not hesitant to ask for money to my father and brother in law. They also trusted me.
Amit – Hmm!
Friend – One day I went for a long drive with my family, my wife and my one year old child. Suddenly I found some problem in car. It was stopped suddenly, far away from city. I had to call a mechanic to repair the car, and then I came to know that the engine had been opened before, and I was cheated by seller.
Amit – Ok
Friend – Finally I managed to back to home and got the car checked to some other mechanics of my city. This incident got me learned much about cars and engines.
Amit – Oh!
Friend – Then I sold the car to someone with some profit. Maybe the God wanted me to learn some lessons. Person bought the car calls me and says that I have cheated him.
Amit – Why are you blaming someone, that imaginary, who had no involvement in your personal matter?
Friend – ??? …Who?
Amit – The God, you said.
Friend – ?? ..ah ok, well, Now what I think is, to I set up business of second-hand cars. I think, I have got enough knowledge and experience with incident.
Amit – You could have stopped it on your side.
Friend – ???
Amit – ..But ok, people are like this.
Friend – Haan. It was a teaching for me, and I think, can do the business well.
20:18 Sunday 30th April 2017


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