Tai Chi : Meditation!

Ta – Sorry I’m late.. I was doing meditation.
Wo – It’s ok. You can join now.
Ta – Have you finished?
Wo – Almost.
Ta – Am.. ok.
(After few minutes)
Ta – Don’t you do meditation? I know you do Tai Chi that’s also meditation.. but that, to sit and medicate.. you don’t do?
Wo – We are in modern time. That way of meditation was used by ancient time that was suitable for them, to go mountain, to sit continue for days. I do meditation. I do Tai Chi, but also, meditation for this time is not only in Sitting, but also Eating, Walking, Talking, Sleeping, too. I do meditation. It’s not like to go to toilet for 10 minutes every morning and come out. It’s always with breathing, with movement, with eys, and in all their combination.
Ta – What are benefits of Tai Chi?
Wo – Don’t be greedy!
Ta – Why do you do Tai Chi then?
Wo – I enjoy!
Ta – Why should I do Tai Chi?
Wo – Search on internet!
21:56 Monday 1st May 2017


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