Onion, Garlic, Calendars!

Ta – Haan? You don’t eat garlic? It’s good for health! You should eat.
Wo – Before suggesting me ‘what should I or not,’ tell me who are you?
Ta – I’m your friend.
Wo – How long we have been friends?
Ta – More than five years.. I guess.
Wo – Years are time. Right?
Ta – No. They are calendars, you will say, I know.
Wo – Some people have logics for eating garlic, some people have logics against it too. Both, they believe in their faiths. I’m neither this nor that side. I’m also not in the middle. I’m not dwelling too. I’m moving freely to everywhere, depends on my ‘needs, likes and dislikes.’
Ta – I thought you wanted an escape from that question.
Wo – Same is with Vegetarians and NonVegetarians, eggitarians, frutarians, ..people are happy to be in cage. They want labels on foreheads – I’m this, she is that, I’m Zoroastrian, They are Tengriests, I’m Wheatish, They are Pale, ..
Ta – This is to easy for recognition, not to divide and spreading hate among people.
Wo – We have been unsuccessfully trying to divide Time, Earth, Sky, Ocean too. We are unsuccessful but still trying. We, people are, sinners to divide Love.
Ta – Calender is to help us to know days, weeks, years. Watches are also the same. We are floating from one point to other. The length between both of the points is life, we call. We divide it through calendars, watches, memories, incidents, feelings, emotions..
Wo – Haan.
Ta – Division is not always bad. It’s helpful too.
Wo – Right.
Ta – So you agree that divisions are good?
Wo – No matter I agree or not. Person does what he has inside to enforce him. I agree, garlic is good for health, I don’t like to eat. I would eat if it’s needed. No hate no love.
09:24 am Wednesday 3rd May 2017


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