Real India Is Out Of TV Screens!

Ta – Yes?
Wo – Came for audition.
Ta – Reference?
Wo – Direct.
Ta – Only shortlisted auditions are going on.
Wo – Can I ask to casting person if I’m fit for the requirements?
Ta – No no.. he is busy. Take this email ID and send your profile. They will call you if you are required.
Wo – Ok

This is what happens mostly in production houses. If I visit audition studio to ask if any audition is going on or not, I get the answers are 

“Not Fit”

“Only UpMarket Look”

“Rich Look only”

“Now is casting for Leads only”


An average Indian is not white, not Tall! But they look fair people for Indian characters. Rich look means person belongs to upper or upper middle class family but Dhiru Bhai Ambani was not a rich looking man.
If they are casting for historical tv series, their requirements will be – Tall, above 6′, good built, 6 or 8 packs abs, fair..

— Shiva Ji was not 6′ tall. He was around 4′ and a thin. He, who belonged to a low-cost, untouchable community, rose to become an emperor, was not fair-skinned guy. Raja Raam, founder king of Bharatpur kingdom was said be normal looking man who used to wear a turban, no special expensive clothes. He used to wear just Kopin like all other his people.
What about Maharaja Ranjit Singh??

He was said to be an average physique man with spotted face, his one eye was damaged, according to a British historian.
Ok, if I leave these characters of historical tv series, mythological tv series also have such blunder casting mistakes. Every Hindu person knows that Krishna, Shiva and Rama were not fair-skinned men. Krishna, revealed by his name, was Black. Rama also was black and of course, Laxman was described more handsome than his elder brother. Shiva, who lives in mountains and popular among tribals was heavy-built but not fair-skinned, of course.

— What we have been being watched on television??


It’s matter of business! They have to run a show to earn money so they can’t show real faces on screen.
Real India has definitely grown up but it is still around in small cities and kasbas, not in metros, but people sitting inside channels are generation of burger & pizza. They don’t know taste of India! What they eat, they serve us.
20:36 Saturday 6th May 2017


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