Tai Chi : Self Defence 

Ta – Hi,
Wo – Hi.
Ta – You teach Tai Chi?
Wo – Haan.
Ta – I also want to learn Tai Chi.
Wo – For what?
Ta – For.. to self defence.
Wo – Do you feel unsecured inside India? We should have faith on our army and police. No matter, our tribal people are being killed to get their lands and jungle, upper caste Hindu are killing Dalits, our Muslim brothers are suspected as terrorists by non-Muslim Indians, still, we have to have faith on our army and police, right?
Ta – Na, ..suppose, if someone attacks on you ..in somewhere you are alone, in dark night.. then, there is no police, no army to help you. For that, we need to learn some martial art, ..to fight.
Wo – Whom and why do you want to fight with you?
Ta – In case, if I have to fight, or someone attacks on me, then?
Wo – Run away! Simple! It’s best self defence technique. Running away, avoid fighting, are sign of wisdom not cowardice. Still, if one has to fight, he must finish it within seconds. Fighting is not good. I don’t teach fighting.
Ta – But you teach Tai Chi and that’s Chinese martial art, right?
Wo – It’s meditation and exercise also, that’s what I teach to people.
Ta -Will you teach me, please?
Wo – No!
Ta – Why?
Wo – Because you don’t want to learn the meditation.
Ta – I want to learn Tai Chi.
Wo – You want to learn Tai Chi movements to satisfy the beast inside you which needs something entertaining to fulfil it’s violent instincts.
Ta – What’s your fees, by the way?
Wo – I’m not going to teach you anything for self defence.
22:23 Tuesday 16th May 2017


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